The Vantage Team

The Vantage team consists of highly experienced, trained consultants, covering virtually all functional work areas within a utility company. The following consultants from the Vantage staff have areas of specialization through a number of assignments. We are providing short biographical resumes that summarize areas of proficiency, education, and applicable projects. Also, Vantage has access to hundreds of other technical and support professional through our association with Utility Partners, a firm that has thousands of experienced personnel available.

The names and area of specialty of the consultants identified are as follows:

Consultant Name

Area(s) of Specialization

Jean A. Gormley
Walter P. Drabinski

Finance, Generation, Strategic Planning, Operations

Chuck Buechel

Rates, Regulatory Affairs, Strategic Planning

Mark D. Fowler

Finance, Strategic Planning, Operational Support

Mike Boismenu

Strategic Planning, Operations, Reliability

Marie Davidson, CPA

Finance, Accounting

Dr. Howard J Axelrod

Marketing, Regulatory, and Strategic Planning

Cynthia Holste Pepper

Human Resource Management

Mary Lovell

Operations, Strategic Planning

Susan M. Hayslip

Operations, Strategic Planning, Compliance

Paul F. Cronin

Project Management, Development

Chuck Weitzel, CPA

Finance, Accounting

John Tooley

Operations, Engineering

Joseph Livingston

Infrastructure, Operations

Robert Greneman

Cost of Service, Rate of Return

Ann Diggs

Finance, COS, Accounting

James Bonnie

Fuel Procurement and Management

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