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The regulated utility industry is going through a number of transitions at this time. While everyone knows about the regulatory restructuring that is taking place and the cost reduction changes utilities have undergone, many are unaware of the increased emphasis on revenue production that leading edge utilities are undertaking. As the traditional vertically integrated, fully bundled cost utility disappears, revenue generation from unbundled, ancillary, and new sources will be the key to success. The ventures or products a utility selects, the timing and type of cash flow, and the ability to become market leaders are elements of increased revenue production that must be answered before any utility makes major commitments of capital and other resources.

Vantage has, through its recent assignments and through our own research, monitored many of these activities and is prepared to assist you as you move forward. These include some activities which we have performed previously and some that we have the expertise to do. While the majority of our assignments are tailored to the specific needs of the client, there are specific products we offer and functional service areas in which we work.


Strategic and Organizational Planning

Utility Regulatory Issues

Power Generation

Affiliate Rules/Code of Conduct Audits

Litigation Support

Environmental Compliance and Strategies

Human Resources/Labor Management

Electric and Gas Retail Operations


Generation Performance Measurement

Fuels Management

Human Resources/Labor Management

Incremental Pricing - Fixed and Variable O&M Cost Analysis

POWERFIN - Power Project Economics

Environmental Performance Opportunities

Plant Maintenance Management Process Assessment

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